David Cearly: Yes, you are right, M4A would cost a lot and the assumptions on cost savings are not all realistic. That is why I prefer UCC.

Do not forget, though, that part of the burden of Sanders’ taxes is offset by the fact that no one (and no employers) would have to pay premiums or copays for health care. I do not mean that offsets the full cost — but it is a factor that should be mentioned always (but rarely is) by people who critique Sanders’ plan. It is the net cost that matters.

With regard to physician salaries and cost-saving reforms used in other countries, keep in mind that many of those with lower health care costs and lower physician salaries provide more subsidies for medical education and some provide it for free. If you could graduate from med school without a crushing 6-figure student debt, the profession would attract a different kind of student. If you added reforms to increase places in med schools, you would probably bring US salaries more in line (gradually).

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Economist, Senior Fellow at Niskanen Center, Yale Ph.D. Interests include environment, health care policy, social safety net, economic freedom.

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